Tuesday, 5 December 2017

100 word challenge

This week the children had to include these 5 words into their writing:

sandwich, battery, energetic, white, hurried

I was out in the fields eating my sandwich, when in all a sudden a battery showed up. I picked it up and everything went black for a second, it felt like I was in another dimension everything I could see was grey the birds, the trees, the grass, everything. I tried waiting things out but I saw a white energetic horse galloping in the fields, It stared at me in a deadly way, when it was about to charge at me, there was a shout and a group of people came holding weapons the horse hurried into the distance.  

One day a white boy named Jim was being lazy, really lazy. He sat inside all day watching t.v, his Mum and Dad told his to go outside “O K” he would said. He would go outside his Dad would lock the door but he would get back in throw the window.

After 3 days of this going on and on and on his dad said “You need to be more energetic, eat a sandwich will ya”. So Jim the big slob hurried to the kitchen, made a sandwich and put a battery in it. He died on the spot.

There once was a little girl named Ella, she had long brown hair and when ever you would see her she would be in her her mother's white wedding dress. Everyday little Ella hurried to the store to buy her and her mother each a sandwich. Ellas birthday was coming up and her mum was planning her a surprise party filled with lots of sandwiches and lots of energetic kids running around. But the most important part was that Ella was getting what she has always wanted a remote controlled car with only one battery.

One stormy day I went to school eating my sandwich, the usual. At school I saw a kid trying to devour a battery so i hurried over to him and tried to stop him, but it was too late… He was so young, lively and energetic, a week later I went to his funeral. Everyone was crying and praying for the young, white child, I honestly don’t know why I went to his funeral, I never talked to him and also he was in a different grade. I was at his coffin and he looked at me and spat out the battery.

Their i was getting for work, i was ready but breakfast. when i was gonna make breakfast, a sandwich was on a plate. So i ate it, it made me energetic like batteries are inside of me. When i looked at my watch, i was late for work so i hurried before i get fired. I ran to my car, when i got to my car the keys were not in my pocket,i forgot my keys inside and even worse. I shut the door behind me, how am i going to go work now.

The Giant  Eel Hurried across the ocean floor, as the Great White Shark chased him to the finish line.They were going to see who would win the Mighty Sandwich. First came the Great White Shark and then the Giant Eel, The Shark came across the auto, electric, Battery powered, finish line first and won. The Eel was very disappointed but, he was Still very Energetic and challenged the Shark to a rematch, little did he know the sandwich was gone and it had floated away in the water as a school of fish ate it.

The white fresh aliments hurried towards the surface of the  circular plate.  The mayonnaise leaped onto the bread and spread as if it was a wave. The energetic power of the lettuce dashed onto the stash of heaven and then sat on top of the mountain. Strips of tender juicy chicken relaxed on the top of the peak as a drizzle of sauce coated the top. There it was. “The sandwich!”  When the juicy sandwich flew into my mouth it erupted with flavour and gave me 100% of battery. Then I rapidly sprinted out the gate and hurried to school.  

Walking down a White Snowy path listening to the sounds of nature. Energetic mice running around in the white frosty blanket covering the floor. The Deer Hurried away as a pack of wolves are approching. Half eaten Sandwiches and batteries in the rubbish can. As the wolf's lose the deer the come after you. You know that you may not escape, you will put up a fight! Thats fills you with Determination!

So one day i was walking too the shop too get a sandwich. As i was walking i seen something in the gutter it looked like a battery i picked it up. It was white and had an energetic tingl with it and then it jumped out of my hand and ran down the road so i hurried up to catch it i leaped on to it. I caught it and it started to talk it said it's up to you now and i replied with what's that mean it said i'll show you. BOOM!!! i turned into the little thing and it had my body i yelled and yelled to get him back but he didn't come now i'm the one in the gutter.

It was a cold winter night, and all the robots in tech town were asleep.But little blinky could not get to sleep he would toss and turn in his charger.He felt so energetic so he went to the kitchen to get a snack.This is what he had some bread,batteries and oil (that is some of the things robots eat!) Blinky made a battery sandwich, and hurried up the stairs. On the way he looked at the white snow around the house, it shone in the moonlight.After the battery sandwich, blinky went fast asleep.

Mark is a highschool student that plays for Silver State,  a basketball team for his school. Every saturday he plays and needs to hurry because he does track in the afternoon at 6. As you can see, Mark is very energetic. He is also white. For energy he eats a sandwich in the gym, secretly. After the game he always has 32% or over on his battery life on his phone. He uses his phone to contact his friends every game to take him home. After he gets home he watches Basketball videos and shoe reviews. The End.

An angry white sandwich holding a battery making it energetic. it was chasing me so I hurried and ran away.I had a way defeating it. Make a huge butter knife and cut it in half. I was thinking where  to find materials for it. because it had 2 health bar.I hid in a spot after a few moment  it was time to find materials.  When I found the sandwich I keep hitting it 1 health bar down and I had one more to go and boom, I defeated it was time to leave this world.

It was a cold night, the moon realising white light shone down. this day like every other year this was the day hundreds of thousands of tiny sandwich sized energetic dice turtles would hatch. Hungry birds waited along the small patch of mud where the young turtles would leak out of to swarm the everglade. The first batch of defenceless turtles slid out of the mud and instinctively hurried to the murky water. soon hundreds of dice turtle would slide into the everglade and swim of like battery powered boats, but hundreds more would soon be picked of and eaten.

When I was younger and attended primary school, every morning I would wake up and have a sandwich with my favourite white bread. My mother would always make me walk to school half an hour before school even started, so I was always hurried out of the front door. Majority the kids at school were much more energetic than me, so I was constantly left behind. One of my friends was so slow he convinced himself to eat a battery a day for more energy. We tried to stop him, but we were too late and he already had eaten at least half a dozen.

‘Vroom!!’ went my battery powered race car as it flew over the ramp I made for it to do jumps over. I was sitting on the grass with my energetic little sister behind me yelling as my car jumped into the air like a bird. Once again I turned hurried it back around to jump again; it sailed over the ramp as its black and white pattern zoomed past me. My sister cheered throwing her sandwich in the air as she did so, making it land right on top of my race car. ‘Great’ I thought.

Vince is an energetic boy who wishes he was white. He was at school today and he got quite cut up because his phone ran out of battery and there was no chicken in his sandwich. After school he hurried home and was still annoyed. He then proceeded to play Rainbow Six Siege with his friends, which turned out really well, and made him a happy boy. Playing PS4 with his friends always made him happy, but Basketball made him even happier. He broke Lester’s ankles and made him break his leg, for the second time this year.

Years ago, today, and years to come, people would still be eating the good old sandwich. You just slap jam/spread on the bread and there you go; you have a sandwich! There is all types of bread there is white bread, brown bread, bread with seeds and all sorts of other breads.  When you have no food in the pantry you can count on that sandwich; or for school, you would have to slap together a sandwich quickly, while the bus hurried you. The sandwich would fill up your battery and you will be energetic again!

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