Thursday, 19 October 2017

100 word challenge writing

The prompt was to write a report based on this photograph: (no more than 100 words)

Gary is a simple guy. His day would be like any other normal person. Get up in the morning, go to work, get home, have dinner with his wife and two kids.  He's a really easy going guy and is doing great at his job. For his job he is a Surgeon and is the best in all of New Zealand. But one day his wife and children were killed in a car crash, that left Gary by himself.Gary was missing for 6 months now and finally they found his dead body in a pond very far far north.

        Suicidal or Accidental
A teenage boy named Derek was lost for two days and is now found Dead in a lake at moorebank park. The lake had Electric Eels with razor sharp teeth that could easily make you bleed to death, police are still trying to find out how exactly this boy died. But it’s strange that no one was around at the time to see this life being taken, the boys mum said that’s where her son would wait when she had to pick him up. It’s a big mystery to Derek’s family.

One day a Alex was walking with his mum, it was a rainy day. Rain fell on rocks it made them slippery, and the water raised higher and higher. When the water got higher little fish were swimming so he tried to touch one of them, but something was in water. So he walked  and the thing followed him, so he started to run but the thing was still following him so he was running through the garden jumped over the rocks and slipped,banged his head on the rocks and got knocked out so his legs were sticking out .

The day that he went missing, my neighbor was outside doing things around his house. A man named George had gone missing from his house
At around 10:00pm. police and relatives had been searching for two days. So far all the police have found is a pair of gumboots and jeans sticking up from a puddle police are worried that suspect george has been stabbed then pushed into a deep hole. Once the F.B.I arrive at the scene they begin digging up objects then pull then out  but there is still no body to be found.


Friday 13 November - An unspecified gender human has committed suicide in a pond. So far, we have no clue as to what the reasoning behind his suicide was but it has certainly made waves across the country. There will be a funeral held next week at the city Cemetery and the mayor of the town will be in attendance as well as some representatives from the National Suicide helpline. We have spoken to the person’s family and they are very distraught with what has happened.

Boy has been found in local pond
A boy was was found upside down in the local pond by the gardens yesterday by a crazy lady with cats, They suspected that he was climbing a tree and the branch snapped and he feel in. He appeared to be doing a handstand but he must of been there so long that his head got stuck in the mud. He had denim jeans, black gumboots and shirt. The boy is now dead due to the fact that it seemed he had been there for 5 days.

The kid fell down the hill where the air was fresh and the grass was green. The boy fell he grasping for the light wanting to touch it. Suddenly cloud cover leaving the boy depressed, “come back!” but no he fell into the cold gray muck. As he slowly sank to the bottom. His heart also sinking realizing he was going to die. Then he saw a man heading his way, as he reached for the man’s hand he yanked the boy out the shoved his head under, and that was the end of that poor boy chasing the light.

Once upon a time there was a man he was a very depressed man he was depressed because his wife and children left him why you say? They left him because he was addicted to drugs and gambling he had no friends and his name was KFC one day there was a bad bad flood and in that bad bad flood he got more depressed than ever so he went outside and jumped face first into the water and then he got stuck in some weeds and died this is the end of KFC’S story…      

One day Jay wanted to do something on a tree then all sudden. Someone snuck up behind him and pushed him down into the pond. ,After that the pond was turning red. A few days another farmer found him in the pond then he called 111. when the cops came with the detector The detector tried to find some evidence. A few moments later When he had found enough evidence it was time to search for the murder. one night they found him when they found him they tasered him,and handcuffed him. sent him to prison for murder.

2011, July 13. Derek Hale was found in Beacon Hills Lake. Derek Hale is a Male, and died from committing suicide. His Family said that there was nothing wrong with him and he always acted so happy. Detectives looked around his room and asked his friends how was he reacting when he was still alive. They said he was happy like a bunny with a carrot. There was only one more place they could check which was his phone. They looked at his phone. There was no reason why he killed himself. Then they found the death threats on messages...

One day a normal scarecrow was just chillin’ in the garden doing its job, scaring crows. It started getting cold then it started getting windy, so windy that the crows could barely swoop into the garden. The scarecrow started losing its balance and tumbled over into the little frog’s pond, The scarecrow fell into the pond and landed with its feet sticking out of the water. The family who owned the house and garden were away on a holiday in France. The poor scarecrow rotted away in the water but it didn’t care because scarecrows are not alive.

All that remains of the late Barry Garrison are his signature black gumboots floating in a pond in on of his many paddocks. The murderer's motives are unknown as Barry was known as a generous neighbor and loving father. Barry would often be spotted moving his stock around paddocks. Although the murderer is unknown, doesn't mean that it will always be that way. Private investigators are very determined to uncover the mystery that still remains today. Barry’s family, friends and neighbors are all suspects, due to the sudden death and lack of clues left behind in the murder scene.

FOUND: Black Gumboots
Yesterday a pair of black gumboots were found in a pond at the Oamaru Botanical Gardens by the gardener. The gardener stated that the gumboots looked as though they had been left there the night before. The Gumboots are a size 8 and look as though they have been extremely worn (although it could be because they had been left in the water). There is a small hole in the side about the size of a ten cent coin; the heel also has a minuscule hole. If these are your gumboots please report the Oamaru Police Department.

Dear readers there has been a tragic accident  on wombat lane. Goldfish enthusiast Jeremy Wade was cleaning his Goldfish pond when rouge goldfish Jimmy started the rebellion, he was sick of the abuse (mostly about his memory). When Mr Wade started scrubbing his pond, They attacked pulling Mr Wade pulling him under. The unclean water meant that the depth of the water was an illusion and Mr Wade sunk straight to the bottom and suffocated. Jimmy the fish will be facing the high court tomorrow on account of manslaughter. We will keep u updated on this tragic story.


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