Monday, 29 May 2017

National Young Leaders Day

We had a great day on Monday at National Young leaders day in Dunedin. There were so many great speakers that were very inspiring.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Intermediate reward

We had lots of fun on Friday going for a walk/run at the cape. The start of our cross country training.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Collaborative learning

More collaborative learning was happening this week. We worked with a peer for our narrative writing, helping each other with our goal and to improve our writing. We also worked in a small group with the year 7's for inquiry, sharing where we were up to in the science inquiry, helping each other and giving each other ideas. Great to see the year 8's working very well with others this week.

R.E Sharing with year 4

We researched different families around the world and looked at how they lived. We also thought about how the Holy Spirit was working through them. We then shared this with the year 4's.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Where in the world is Miss Tangney?

Miss Tangney is at one of the famous ruins in this Capital city.
What is the city?
What is the county?
What is this ruin called? When was it built?

Intermediate reward

We had a great time on Friday taking photos around the Harbour for the Otago Museum Photo Competition. We learnt a lot about photography and took some great photos.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Inquiry presentations

We shared our inquiry presentations from term 1 with the school on Friday, about a leader we have been researching. We all did a great job and should be proud of all the learning we did last term.

Problem Solving

On Friday we were using our problem solving skills to work out how which toilet paper was better, looking at the length and amount of sheets. We found we were more accurate when we used a system, like putting the sheets into groups of 10.