Friday, 28 April 2017

Term 2

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Term 2, I hope everyone had enjoyable holidays. Another busy term ahead, this is an outline of that is happening this term.

For Maths this term we are focusing on measurement, especially area and perimeter. Then we will move onto multiplication and division later in the term. We are also having a focus on basic facts this term as a lot of children still do not know their times tables which is a real concern after talking to the SKC teachers; they said it was essential that the children know their times tables going into year 9.

For Literacy we are focusing on evidencing (showing what they are learning), for the first 5 weeks we will be doing this on google docs that will be shared on their blogs. It would be great if you could look at these with your child at home, as it helpful for them to have conversations about what they are learning and what their next steps are. In the second 5 weeks we will be trailing another platform to see which platform works the best for myself, the children and you the parents and community.
We are also reading scientific texts and looking at vocabulary, key words, and summarising in reading. In writing we will be writing scientific texts and narrative pieces of writing too. We are also starting a whole school spelling program this term too.

For Inquiry we are finishing our presentations in week 1 and we invite you to come and look and discuss our learning in the hall from 11:15-12:15 on Friday 5th of May. Then we are moving onto scientific inquiries, where the children will decide on an area to research, experiment and investigate. It would be great if they had one or two ideas in mind before week 2. There are some ideas on the class blog. We will also be using the science boxes to cover a wide range of science ideas and focusing on key scientific skills too.

P.E, will be large ball skills this term. R,E is the Holy Spirit strand and then the Sacraments strand. Arts, will be focused on Drama. Technology is week 5, 6, 7 and 8 this term.

This term the intermediate reward will be every few weeks and will be an out of school trip related to some aspect of our science learning. The children will still be expected to have a certain number of points to be able to attend the reward. At the moment our rewards will be: Week 2 (fri), Week 4 (fri), Week 7 (thu) and Week 10 (fri). We will let you know more details about the time and where are going closer to the time. For these to be possible we will need some parents helpers. 

Week 1 - P.E is Tuesday and Friday. Have a look at what we are learning in week 1.

Many thanks,

Morgan Tangney

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