Saturday, 28 January 2017

Welcome Back Newsletter

Hi everyone welcome to 2017,

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is feeling rested and ready for another big year. We welcome two new students to our class this year, Madison Jones and Kurt Daunheimer.
I will be sending out weekly emails that will include admin type things like when to wear P.E gear and links to the teaching and learning site and blog so you can see what is going on at school. Feel free to pop in at any time or to email me at:

This is an outline of what is going on in term one in year 8:
Literacy - We are doing a program called Daily 3 which includes reading to self, work on writing and word work. They will also have reading with the teacher. There will be a focus for writing and reading linked to their rubrics in the daily 3. Literacy will also be integrated in R.E and inquiry a lot.
Maths - We are starting the term with a focus on statistics, then moving to addition and subtraction (mainly decimals), then to measurement. Some children have packs that they will take home each week that focus on some gaps they have.
Inquiry - Our focus is leadership for most of the term, looking at themselves as leaders, in the school and looking at leaders in the world too. We will be looking at growth mindset within this too.
R.E - We are on Mass in week 1, you are welcome to join us. We are looking at the Dominican charism of the school to start and we will have a prayer focus too. We then look at the Jesus strand and lastly the Caritas Lenten Unit.
P.E - At the moment our P.E days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday (non-tech weeks). With swimming on it changes things for the first few weeks. The children need to wear their P.E gear on swimming days, swimming will become our P.E in those weeks. We swim with year 6 at 1pm. Week 1 - Friday, week 3 - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, week 4 - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, week 5 - Friday is the St Joseph’s Senior Swimming sports.
Arts - We are looking at art skills this term, mainly focussed around learning from artists.
Science - We will end the term with a living world focus for inquiry. We will also be examining science concepts in maths especially with statistics..

We have an intermediate points system this term, there is a note about this that will be sent home.

Leadership Retreat is happening in week 2, Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th of February. I will send home another copy of the notice and will also send home an equipment list. To be able to run this retreat I will need 3 parent helpers. When returning the note if you can only help for a day, or just stay the night or something like that please state this, this will be a help if we can’t get three people to help for the whole time.Sorry about the short notice, but I think it will be a fantastic opportunity for the children.

In week one the children will need to wear their P.E gear on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please check out the teaching and learning site to see what is on in week 1:
Also to see what they are learning more specifically:
You can also find the class blog linked on the teaching and learning site, there will be snippets of the children’s learning on here as we go through the term.

Many thanks,

Morgan Tangney

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