Friday, 29 April 2016

Welcome to Term 2

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had nice and restful holidays and you are ready for another big term. This will outline what is going on this term, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  • P.E - this term we are focussing on ball skills leading into winter sports. Our P.E days will remain the same; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will continue to include this in the weekly emails in case there are any changes week to week.
  • Key events this term - we have production this term so this will be keeping us rather busy, we are going on a trip to Otago Museum in week 2 (more information to come soon), Technology is week 5-8 this term and we are on Mass in week 2.
  • Maths - It was great to see a big improvement in the children’s number knowledge and addition and subtraction last term. This term we will continue to build on this and to focus on measurement and multiplication and division too.
  • Literacy - This term we have a focus on peer writing to help improve the children’s writing. Through this we will be looking at narrative writing and using digital tools to present the narratives too. We will also be looking at spelling, I will be doing some testing over the first couple of weeks and the essential words your child struggles with will come home after this.
  • Inquiry - The children produced amazing presentations for their ANZAC projects and should be very proud of themselves. This term we are looking at inquiries with more of a science focus and we will also have science experiments throughout the term too.
  • R.E - This term we start with the Holy Spirit strand and then move onto the Church strand. It was great to see the children leading the whanau groups so well last term, some great leadership skills shone through.
  • Home learning - We expect the children to working towards their personal goals at home (these are from the goal setting meetings and we are reviewing these to start the term), we also expect them to work towards their weekly goals especially if they are behind, or to improve some of their work. These goals can be found on the Teaching and Learning site, it would be great if you could look at them and discuss your child’s learning.
  • Remember to check out our class blog and maths blog too.

Many thanks,

Morgan Tangney

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Congratulations to Molly, Corbin and Vince on their mangahigh medals that they worked really hard to get. Mangahigh is a maths programme that these children spent many hours on to reach 100 points and to get a medal.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sharing our hub design projects

Today we shared some of our hub design projects, we learnt about ideal colors for learning, ideal temperature for learning, how music helps us learn and we looked at possible layouts for our hub.